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I’ve been trying to think of a word to describe the recent republican de-bate more precisely.  I have heard some people refer to the flashy spectacle as an eleven-ring circus.  That imagery does not allow that a few hopefuls did in fact speak about real societal concerns and reforms.  Until I think of a better term I’ll simply refer to it as a “trump-bait,” providing space for the variety of crafty, yet factually-suspicious remarks.

I was not surprised that clean, renewable energy industries did not get spoken about by the candidates even though a majority of republican voters favor them.  I’m still mystified by this!  Renewable technologies are some of the fastest growing industries in this country and especially so elsewhere on the planet.  Solar PV and wind turbines are mainstream energy conversion sources!  Wake up, candidates!

Germany now celebrates on the days when virtually all their electricity is produced from renewable sources.  Iowa is getting 27% of their electricity from wind power right now.  California gets 25% of their electricity from renewables and last week they passed a measure seeking 50% by 2030.  Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Arizona: the list of states with fast growing RE markets keeps getting bigger.

Here in Florida Algenol Biofuels has announced plans to begin distribution of their algae-derived ethanol and build a larger production facility in Central Florida.  Protec Fuel has opened its fourth E15 station in the state bringing their total to 28 in the Southeast.  The Florida Supreme Court is weighing who will control the profits brought by anticipated PV sales and installations.  Will the Court give outsiders a shot at the money investor owned utilities are claiming?

Alternative energy systems were not invented as a response to the atmospheric effects of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.  Candidates have no need to apologize to their global warming denying peers that renewable energy is a good thing.  Alternative energy was researched and commercialized largely because scientists know that carbon deposits will someday be exhausted.  Peak dates for oil and coal are constantly being pushed back because new drilling technologies are allowing us to find and sip from the very bottom of these submerged, frozen barrels.  Nevertheless, they are finite!

How can the presidential candidates not be excited by the financial and job opportunities that are underway in these RE markets?  They don’t even have to reveal a position on what many scientists describe as the most critical issue facing the earth.  Isn’t “economic growth” the republican byword?  I suspect that The Donald may be keeping quiet about it, but that he knows where to put HIS money.

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