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A new survey in March by the Yale Project on Climate Change and Communication indicates that more Americans are now taking a serious look at the implications of an overheated atmosphere.  Democrats, Independents and Republicans will all be listening to what candidates have to say about Climate Change in the upcoming contests.  Survey administrators say the increased interest in the phenomenon is probably due to the fact that impacts are no longer viewed as happening somewhere else around the planet.  Americans are having to deal with droughts in Texas, Flooding in New England, rising sea levels in Norfolk and and more extreme and devastating heat lasting longer.  Climate Change is no longer seen as “global” but happening in our own back yard.

The most surprising survey result for me was the answer to whether greenhouse gases should be regulated.  Sixty-seven percent of Republicans now say they should be.  The Obama Administration has toned down its use of the words global warming during this term.  Instead, it is working behind the scenes on renewable energy research and implementation including loan guarantees.  However, some Republican legislators and presidential candidates are still ridiculing the concept.  They might be wise to start listening to their constituencies.  Sixty-three percent of Republican registered voters now say the government should provide tax rebates for clean energy projects and fifty-four percent say fossil fuel industries should be held accountable for “hidden costs.”

This is encouraging news.   It’s possible that the end of this recession will be the beginning of a new society made safe and sustainable by a growing renewable energy attitude and implementation.

Read the survey results here:  Yale Survey

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