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The Florida Energy and Climate Commission is sponsoring a solar information event on Wednesday, September 22, at the Homebuilders Association Office in Maitland.  The address is 544 Mayo Avenue.  Time 6 – 9 PM.

David Bessette, former president of the Solar Energy Industries Association will present information and answer questions about solar installations and the programs available from utiities and government to save homeowners and businesses money.

You are advised to register ahead as seating is limited.  Call 407-846-7830 or 1-888-676-5271

Sam Kendall


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If he were alive today, would Ronald Reagan give President Obama that advice?  Do you think Reagan could now see the reasons to go solar that he couldn’t see in 1986 when he had Jimmy Carter’s panels taken down off the Whitehouse?  Now, Reagan would know that the heat and drought in Russia has destroyed their wheat crop and is driving up wheat prices around the world.  He would know about the melting snow on mountains in Pakistan causing historic flood devastation.  He would see the oiled wetlands and wildlife along the Louisiana coast and the weatherman would confirm that the US is experiencing record heat this summer.  Would information like this persuade the former president that he had been wrong to take down the panels?

Still, even today, the opposition where President Reagan sided in 1986 remains the most profitable industry ever in the world.  Profitable industries are still popular in our society even though we agree that their profits result in damage to marine life, coast lines, atmospheric stability and international relations.  Would Reagan have the courage to stand up to this wealthy, pernicious lobby now that the predictions about catastrophic oil spills and global warming have become real?  Would you?

Global warming authority Bill McKibben (The End Of Nature, Eaarth) has joined a team of students from Unity College in Maine on a trip to Washington to urge President Obama to switch the Whitehouse to solar energy.  Those old Carter panels ended up heating water at Unity College and the students are bringing one back.

McKibben says we need to get mad!  We need to get the movement mobilized again on the outside.   Insiders have worked quietly and diligently, but unsuccessfully, in the Senate trying to build bipartisan support to stop climate change and create more clean energy jobs for the 21st century.  The sight of solar panels energizing the Whitehouse will demonstrate our best intentions to the world and spur the popular movement demanding action from national leaders.  You can join the campaign to PUT SOLAR ON IT here.

Sam Kendall

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