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Twenty-nine states now have renewable energy portfolio standards (RPS) but Florida isn’t one of them.  The amounts vary from 15% in Massachusetts by 2020 to a high of 33% in California by 2020.  The governor has said he wants RPS and last year the Public Service Commission (PSC) presented a draft proposal to the state legislature.  The Senate endorsed the plan but the House went in the opposite direction and endorsed drilling in state waters instead.  Senator Lee Constantine has introduced a bill this year to ratify the PSC draft and you can read that draft here.

States started requiring RPS for good reasons:  fuel diversification and security, price competition leading to more stability, reduction of environmental issues associated with carbon based fuels, opportunities for new businesses and jobs.  Just the threat of RPS has some utilities doing the right thing.  For Florida, RPS would mean some portion of the money spent on energy supplies would remain circulating here in the state rather than being spent in coal states or oil nations.

On February 18, a Cleantech Symposium is scheduled in Orlando to discuss RPS issues within Florida.  You can read more about that here.

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