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Lynx bus service is available from the Orlando Airport.  It was very convenient for me when I arrived back in Orlando because the 41 bus travels right up route 436 to Altamonte Springs.  I had a three block walk and the trip cost me a dollar.  Lynx is going to be a cleaner ride soon when they start blending biodiesel.

According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel, use of public transportation is up 4 percent nationwide and the number of miles driven in cars is down 4 percent.  Car travel didn’t change in Florida last year, but use of public transportation, including both buses and the trains in south Florida was up by 3 percent.  If we ever do build the Sunrail commuter system in Central Florida, “they will come.”  After the gasoline boom and bust earlier in this decade, the price of a barrel of oil stabilized around $40.  After the boom and bust of ’08 and ’09, a barrel has stabilized around $70.

Not only is public transportation gaining ridership, it is also gaining in renewable, clean technology.  Through the Stimulus Bill, $100 million has been released in competitive, clean-transport grants.  Forty-three local transit agencies across the country will be buying diesel-electric hybrid buses, installing PV on terminals and maintenance shops and upgrading cooling systems to improve mileage.

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