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This is the first PPA request I have heard about in Florida.  Applicants begin the process by submitting a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to OUC.  You can get applications and details at the Orlando Utilities Website here.  The deadline is September 3, 2009.

Applicant teams must have participated in an aggregate of at least one megawatt of PV installations.  At least one of the qualifying PV projects must be 100 KW or greater.  Teams are encouraged to partner with local solar / electrical firms.  Experience developing and successfully negotiating power purchase agreements is required.

California utilities took the lead in negotiating these types of solar facilitating agreements.  No doubt their interest was sparked by the California Legislature’s mandates to achieve renewable energy standards.  OUC has been one of the most progressive Florida utilities and is paying a premium to private owners who supply PV power to the grid.  Now they are preparing for utility scale photovoltaics.

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The July-August edition of Audubon Magazine has an article by Barry Yeoman called Work Plan.   Mr Yeoman tells the story how Newton, Iowa is transitioning from high employment (Maytag Washing Machine factory) to recession (Maytag bought out and factory closed 2006) to new era green companies with jobs expanding.   The Newton Transformation Council saw clean energy on the horizon and brought in a wind turbine blade manufacturer and a biodiesel plant.  Now the City Council is looking at big wind turbines to power the city; more support for green technology and more green jobs.

We are into the Renewable Energy transition but only consistent government support will make it successful.  After all, you and I, the government and the fossil fuel producers have all been interdependent for over a century.  President Obama is making good on his campaign pledge of $150 billion over ten years, already committing $100 million in the Stimulus Package this year.  A green economy is more labor intensive.  Yeoman refers to the study showing that three to five more jobs are created per dollar invested in green tech than when you invest in the fossil fuels.

But the author also points out the investments coming from the private sector: an ocean wave energy and modern street car manufacturer in Oregon, a wind turbine manufacturer in Minnesota and Ford Motor Company committing to build electric cars at a plant in Michigan beginning in 2011.  Remember Ford declined any bailout money.

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