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How Sweet It Is!  Does anyone doubt that we have entered the New Era?

I had sent an email to my Central Florida Congressman, John Mica, urging him to support the Bill.  He wrote back that he understands the need to protect the environment, but he is concerned about the loss of so many jobs.  He says the amount of green jobs created by the legislation will pale when compared with the millions lost due to these new “energy taxes.”  He says the legislation will move household energy costs up by $3128 per year.

In this new Renewable Energy Era, we will need congressmen who are serious enough about protecting the environment that they will seek out ways to assist workers transitioning from carbon intense jobs to clean energy jobs.  The Bill is forward looking.  Unfortunately, a lot of  congressmen can’t see past their next pay check.  The transition to solar and renewables would be moving along much more efficiently if the Republicans had seen years ago that a clean environment translates into millions of jobs and incomes.  Now, especially at state and local levels. a few of them are starting to see how this works.  We’ll just have to pull Congressman Mica along with us!  If he is worried about his energy costs rising, I suggest a home energy survey, investing in the most energy efficient appliances and installing some solar panels right away.  If he does that now, his future energy costs will go down.

Sam Kendall


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