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I saw this on a Blog called the Miami Solar Forum

A joint Broward/Miami-Dade Boards of Rules and Appeals (BORA) Sub-Committee meeting will be held on February 9, 2009 beginning at 10:00 am at 140 West Flagler, Miami – 16th Floor conference room. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss issues with industry representatives to see what recommendations (both administrative and legislative) can streamline future renewable energy projects in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Recommendations from the joint Sub-Committee must, ultimately, be endorsed by both respective Boards.

Subsequent meetings will alternate between Broward and Dade venues until all issues have been resolved. Questions may be directed to Miami-Dade BORA Secretary, Yvonne Bell. Her office number is (305) 375-2047 or Yvonne@miamidade.gov.

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I was surprised by the electric car in the movie Who Killed the Electric Car. It was smart looking and was seen traveling easily at highway speeds. Will Detroit bring it back? There were several demos at this years auto show. Let’s hope it comes back quickly and at an affordable price.

 The Florida Electric Auto Association (FLEAA) acts as a public source of information about developments in electric vehicle technology. They organize public exhibits and events to educate the public on the progress and benefits of electric vehicle technology. In South Florida, they are implementing a series of EV charging stations. On February 21st and 22nd they will be hosting the 4th annual “BATTERY BEACH BURNOUT”, an alternative fuel / electric vehicle competition at Florida Atlantic University. FLEAA can get you started converting your own vehicle to electric.

There is a company in Tampa called Black Bay Technologies. According to their web site, they design and build electric vehicles and electric vehicle sub-systems and components. They also hold EV conversion classes for the folks who have lost their faith in Detroit.

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