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Wind turbine factory in Pensacola

I thought this was an interesting article about a GE plant building wind turbines in Pensacola. It’s one of those examples of how fighting global warming will hurt the economy.

Craig Williams


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This weekend, Friday, August 11 & Saturday 8/12, this movie opens at the RegalWinter Park Village 20 Cinemas in Winter Park. There will be at least two electric cars outside.

Mr. Charles Whalen is driving his vehicle, a RAV4-EV,¬†from Delray Beach to Winter Park. These are not hybrids, but true electric cars that plug into the “Grid”. This is a good chance to speak with an owner and also learn more about the Florida Electric Automotive Association.

In the future, there will be pluggable hybrids that use electricity for around town, but have unlimited range using a fuel like gasoline, ethanol, cellulosic methanol, compressed natural gas, or hydrogen. But that’s a movie yet to come . . .

Frank Leslie

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